Easy pizza recipe

This easy pizza recipe uses Vitamin D rich foods such as tinned oily fish and eggs. It’s a great kid friendly way of getting nutritious oily fish into your family’s diet and upping their Vitamin D and Omega 3 intake in the process. It sounds like it shouldn’t work. But, it really does! You have to try it to believe it!

This is a great recipe that the kids can get involved with. A bit creative with the egg in the middle – a ‘job’ that will be argued over in many households!

Costing less than £4/pizza, this can be easily reduced by making your own pizza base.

fishy pizza recipe

Easy pizza recipe

Easy pizza recipe- the nutrition

Serves 3 – Per serving

368kcal, 12g fat (3g saturated), 18g protein, 50g carbs (5g sugar), 1g fibre, 1g salt

Vitamin D – 3.5ug per serving

Omega 3 – 800mg per serving


Easy pizza recipe – Ingredients

fishy pizza

easy pizza recipe

Pizza base – homemade or shop bought

1 tin sardines / mackerel / pilchards in tomato sauce

2tbsp tomato puree

1 egg

Veg of your choice – I usually add frozen chopped spinach, frozen chopped peppers and cherry tomatoes

Grated cheese – 20g

Easy pizza recipe – method

1.Preheat oven – 180C

2.Mash up the tinned fish in a bowl using the back of a fork, add the tomato puree.

3.Spread the fish / tomato sauce over your pizza base (leave a gap in the middle for your egg).

4.Add your vegetables to the pizza

5.Top with cheese

6.Crack the egg and add to the centre of your pizza

7.Place carefully in the oven and cook for 8-10 minutes (until egg is well cooked)


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Thank you Hannah (my fellow RD friend) for the great easy pizza recipe idea.

photo by: DeaPeaJay
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