Becoming a freelance mum and dietitian

Just to clarify, I’ve not become a ‘freelance mum‘.  With 3 kids of my own, that would be exhausting! But I have recently made the decision to leave regular employment and become a full time freelance dietitian, and as a mum of 3, that also makes me a freelance mum!

Freelance mum

Freelance mum


The decision to be a working mum was a really difficult one for me, as it is for many others! There are so many ‘choices’ to make! How many hours to work, how far to travel to work, childcare arrangements  for the day to day, illness and the odd school closure days. And so many factors to consider – finance, the kids happiness, mine and my partners well being and of course, the ‘family juggle’….

I know many of my mum friends have wrestled with the same decisions and often the ‘choice’ is far from black and white. I’ve found real encouragement and inspiration from talking to other mums about their decisions. Mostly on the school run, these stories of embracing full time motherhood, full time working, returning to work or setting up their own business have motivated and encouraged my freelance mum journey.

Support for freelance mums

‘Talented ladies club’ provides inspiration, advice for working, business and freelance mums. It is a great resource for professional mums and I would definitely encourage you to check it out. The ‘Talented ladies club’ interviewed myself about my journey in becoming a freelance mum. Here are some of the questions they asked:-

freelance mum

freelance mum


– What challenges have you faced in your career so far?

– How did your career change after having children?

– What inspired you to give up your job and go freelance?

– Who inspires you?


Please follow the link below, if you want to know my answers to these questions and why I ‘bit the bullet’ and became a freelance mum / dietitian.

I hope it provides the same inspiration and encouragement that your stories have provided me.

Talented Ladies Club

Whether you’re a freelance mum, working mum or a full time mum – please share your highlights and challenges in the comments box below.

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