My favourite healthy family meal

As a Dietitian and a mum, I’m often asked, what’s my favourite healthy family meal?  So, for this blog, I wanted to share it with you and share why its so fab! Surprisingly it’s not just about nutrition!

My favourite healthy family meal

Fajitas, our family loves them! They are quick, easy and packed full of nutrition. But that’s not the only reason we love them.

The family meal

my favourite healthy family meal

My favourite healthy family meal

I love the way fajitas are served! Frying pan in the middle of the table, with lots of bowls of ‘extras’; guacamole, sour cream, cheese and salsa. I love to see the kids diving into the middle of the table and creating their own fajita creation with their chosen ‘extras’.

Something for everyone!

Fajitas are a great meal for when the kid’s friends come for tea. They can take control and decide what they want to add to their own fajita creation. Keep the veg cut large, then the red peppers can be picked out over the green (if so desired) or the onions can be completely avoided! Children (and adults) are more likely to try new foods if they’re given the control and choice over the type and amount of food. There will be something on the table for even the pickiest! A cheese wrap can be created if all else fails.

Keep the main dish mild from a chilli point of view. Children have more sensitive taste buds than adults. What’s mild to you, might send steam coming out their ears! Making for an unpleasant dining experience. You can always have a separate bowl of a chillied up version for your more hardy guests. Or why not make a spicy, chilli salsa for those who need the extra kick.


Another reason I love fajitas – all the family can eat them. Adults love them, children love them and they make great finger food for baby. Over 6 months of age, a baby can have a good chew on a piece of meat or a few strips of pepper or use my ‘easy guacamole’ recipe to spread onto strips of wraps. Sit back and be amazed by how far they can throw it!

Allergies and intolerances

Fajitas have been a weekly event in our house, particularly since the youngest developed an allergy to Cow’s milk. Extras can be avoided if needed and alternatives provided in the little bowls. It’s been a hard year resisting the cheese and the sour cream (I’m breast feeding, so also had to cut it out) but, great to be involved in the same family meal. Watch out for mix ups though, in all the chaos, its easy for the wrong spoon to end up in the wrong bowl. Keep ‘free from’ alternative foods separate to prevent contamination.

And finally, the nutrition bit!

Fajitas are a great balanced nutritional meal. Protein from the meat (or veggie protein) essential for growth and repair, carbs from the wraps – keeps your blood glucose steady and plenty of veg to provide fibre and those all important vitamins and minerals . Guacamole (made from avocados) and olive oil provides those heart healthy unsaturated fats. Cheese and sour cream are a good source of Calcium. Mushrooms, a good source of B vitamins and peppers provide vitamin A, among other nutrients. You might have noticed ‘The Internet Dietitian’ has a ‘thing’ for red peppers?

So, that’s why fajitas are this Dietitians favourite nutritional family meal. Add fajitas to your weekly menu and share the fajita fun. See my simple fajita recipe ( for more inspiration and please share any of your fajita tips or success stories below.






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