The benefits of Linseed

The benefits of linseed have been recommended in the treatment of constipation predominate Irritable bowel Syndrome (IBS) for some time, and with great results. However, the health benefits of these little seeds stretch beyond their use in treating IBS to; improving digestive function, reducing bloating, preventing constipation, improving blood cholesterol levels & heart health, reducing the symptoms of the menopause and possibly improving insulin sensitivity & blood glucose control. There’s a lot of goodness packed into those tiny seeds!

The benefits of linseed

The benefits of linseed


The benefits of Linseed – Fibre

Linseeds (also known as Flaxseeds) are a great source of gluten/wheat free fibre. They promote bowel movement by increasing the water content and bulk volume of our stools (number 2’s!), keeping us nice and regular. Fibre is important in the prevention of bowel cancer, constipation and slowing the absorption of sugar into our blood stream.

Most of us don’t eat the recommended amount of fibre. Adding linseed to your diet is an easy, convenient way of increasing your dietary fibre. Start with a teaspoon a day, and increase slowly until you’re having 1-2 tablespoons, spread throughout the day.  It’s really important to increase your fluid intake along with your fibre, aim for 8-10 cups of alcohol free fluid each day. Why not try mixing linseeds with a glass of water? Killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

Want to know more about  fibre, the benefits of linseeds and your bowels? Watch this clip of Melissa’s experience of upping her fibre intake during the ‘The Food Hospitals – Fibre challenge’

The benefits of Linseed – Omega 3 fatty acids

Linseeds, particularly in their ground form, are a great vegetarian source of the Omega 3 essential fatty acid, Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA). Our bodies can’t make ALA, so it is ‘essential’ that we get them from our diet. These essential fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, offering health benefits to a number of chronic diseases such as Heart disease, Diabetes and Arthritis.

The benefits of linseed – Try some today!

Buy them from your local health food shop or supermarket. Add them to just about anything, giving an extra ‘bite’ to foods! Soups, sandwiches, salads, cereals or my particular favourite – yoghurt. They can be added to bread mixes before baking or keep it simple – mix a spoonful into a glass of water. Any suggestions, on jazzing up foods with linseeds? Add your idea to the comments box at the bottom of the page.

So, golden or brown, the benefits of Linseed to complement a varied, healthy diet are numerous. Remember, the benefits are seen with their long term use. Increase gradually, with plenty of fluid, and let me know how you find them!

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