So, us Twitter dietitians have been bonding over our Wednesday food intake, with the catchy title “What I Ate Wednesday as a Registered Dietitian” #WIAWRD. Priya @dietitianuk asked myself to do a blog on last Wednesday’s food intake! However, as my previous blog post looked at my nutritional intake over a week (My Nutritional analysis), I thought I’d be a little creative and do “What I Ate Wednesday as a Registered Dietitians (son)” #WIAWRD (s)

This challenge filled me with fear and dread as a dietitian! What was I thinking of, airing my fruit phobic son’s diet onto the world wide web?! At the grand old age of 7 (and a big bit!), my influence over his dietary intake appear to be slowly, yet steadily reducing and as many parents know, providing a nutritious diet for your child is hard work and sometimes quite stressful. Here is my 7 (and a big bit) year old…….

I’m not concerned about my son’s weight, he sits comfortably on the 50th centile for both weight and height. He has a good appetite and is always eating. With that great appetite – my food bill is rocketing!! Trying to constantly provide a steady stream of nutritious, tasty snacks and meals that don’t include fruit is quite a challenge and led to some of my concerns over his vitamin, mineral and fibre intake. Also, given the recent news articles about children eating too much salt and the results from my nutritional analysis, I was particularly interested to see how much salt my son eats in a day.

This blog is simply a snapshot of my son’s Wednesday diet. Brand and food mentions are not a recommendation, promotion or an endorsement – simply his likes and dislikes.

What  this dietitian’s son eats – Breakfast

Thankfully my son always has at least 1 good breakfast each day, usually weetabix and/or porridge. Last Wednesday he had:

1 Weetabix, 1tsp honey with semi skimmed milk

1 bowl of Weetabix minis (with chocolate bits) with semi skimmed milk

What does a dietitians son eat?

What does a dietitians son eat?

What  this dietitian’s son eats – At school, breaktime

Drink of water – love this picture!

What  this dietitian’s son eats – At school, lunch

My son has a school dinner on a Wednesday – lovingly named ‘Wednesday Roast’. I scooted down to school to have a nosey and take some pictures of their school meal. I had a good chat with the Catering Manager and saw for myself the fantastic job the Cheshire East lunch crew were doing in feeding our children fresh, nutritious (and locally sourced) meals. The team really reassured me as a mother, that our children’s likes and dislikes are being catered for. As a dietitian, I was equally reassured by the nutritional quality and concern around the food that was being served.

What does a dietitians son eat?

What does a dietitians son eat?

And it gets even better – I got the opportunity to sample the meal and it was lovely! The best compliment I can give to a fellow cook…………”Those roasties are as good as mine” (and mine are gooooood!). If that’s not enough? – cooked in olive oil too!

My son had a chocolate mouse instead of a yoghurt (“yoghurts have got bits of strawberries in”) and didn’t have the stuffing.

What  this dietitian’s son eats – The after school munchies!

Two small flapjacks did the trick!

What  this dietitian’s son eats – Evening meal

What does a dietitians son eat?

What does a dietitians son eat?

Wednesday is gymnastics day for my older two. A quick tea out prior to this energetic hour is on our weekly menu (a night off cooking for me – yeah).

He shared a child’s pizza and pasta, with a portion of sweetcorn. Fizzy water to wash it down. My little dietitian / mother tip – if the kids want a fizzy drink ‘treat’, try fizzy (soda) water, a great treat for their teeth.

After gymnastics, a hazelnut yoghurt is eaten and a glass of fizzy water before bath and bed.


So the results!

For those of you who like the numbers….

His intake Recommended intake
Energy 1732kcal 1970kcal
Protein 69g 28g
Salt 4.1g max 5g
Calcium 900mg 550mg
Vitamin C 39mg 30mg
Vitamin D 1.4ug No recommendation. Aim >5ug/day from food

I found doing my son’s nutritional analysis really reassuring. It wasn’t as ‘revealing’ as I thought. Although only a one day ‘snap shot’, he is meeting the majority of his vitamin and mineral requirements. My concerns about him ‘eating me out of house and home’ are perfectly warranted given his high energy requirements (all that growing!).

What have I learnt as his mum?

1 – Salt intake. Don’t relax too much! It’s very easy to slip over the maximum recommended levels of salt. As his younger brother shares his good appetite and the other half of the pizza / pasta,  it is likely that he exceeded his lower daily salt maximum for his age. I will continue to keep a close eye on our family’s salt intake.

2 – Focus on what he is eating and less on what he’s not eating (fruit). He can meet his nutritional requirements for vitamin C, potassium and fibre through a range of vegetables – although heat destroys vitamin C, so I must remember not to murder them!

3 – He is having a fairly hefty chunk of protein throughout the day! I could reduce that by bulking out meals with extra veg and save a bit of money in the process 😉

4 – Chill a bit!! Kids are very much in tune with their appetite. If he says he is hungry (or not) it might be worth believing him!

Thanks to the Cheshire East lunchtime crew and the twitter RD’s, my #WIAWRD (s) was a real learning experience. Looking forward to seeing what these 3 dietitians from Ireland, South Africa and India eating on their average Wednesday 🙂


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